BLACK GIRLS ROCK! ‘Taste the World’ Program

"Making the foreign familiar through an in depth understanding of the vibrant techniques and culture of the foods of the world."  The Black Girls Rock 'Taste The World' program predisposes young women to different cultures through their sense of taste. Taking advantage of the diverse multi-cultural experiences of New York City, The Black Girls Rock! 'Taste the World' Program will allow BGR! program participants to experience the unique delicious cuisines of various ethnic groups and get information detailing the origins and cultural relevance of these fine foods while observing the traditional etiquette of the culture. Once a month, girls will receive a gourmet tour moderated by various cultural culinary experts. As they Savor an array of delicious flavors from the around the world they will also be educated on cultural customs, norms, etiquette, and become well-rounded individuals accepting of other cultures as they interact with America's melting pot and prepare to visit abroad.