BGR! TESTIMONIAL #2   BLACK GIRLS ROCK! ALUMNAE TESTIMONIALS "To say that BLACK GIRLS ROCK! has changed my life would be an understatement. I'm so glad I've gotten the opportunity to attend this extraordinary programme which inspired me to reach greater heights, not only in my academic life, but in my leadership too. Today I attend the #1 University in Africa, the University of Cape Town, and I can say that I thank my mentors at BGR! for that. Lastly, for their great passion and genuine support, I can comfortably say that I have found new role models in my sisters, that I met at the camp. Forever a Black Girl who Rocks! " Mamello Rantseuoa, South Africa, BLACK GIRLS ROCK! Queens' Camp 2013   "I'm  one of many young ladies that attended the first camp in New York a few years ago. Black Girls Rock further enriched my knowledge on black history and reminded me the importance of sticking together. It encouraged me to keep striving for greatness. I'm currently a field producer at ASU-TV as well as co-host and co-producer for the entertainment talk show Reel Talk in Jonesboro, AR. I seen a picture of myself in one of your videos so thank you for thinking of me. To my BLACK GIRLS ROCK! mentors, stay blessed and continue to inspire young black girls!" Adeeja Anderson, Little Rock, AR, BLACK GIRLS ROCK! Queens' Camp 2012   "I am beyond proud of the role Black Girls Rock! has played and continues to play in my life. As I matriculate at Howard University, I continue to be inspired by the lessons learned at Queens Camp 2012 to overcome any challenges I may be faced with. BGR! equipped me with the confidence I need to walk boldly into my destiny, and formulate my vision and path to achieve success. Additionally, BGR! taught me that I am a game changer, and I must maintain a level of passion for the principles and ideals that make a difference in the lives of others while continuing the legacy of truth and service." -Bria C. Griffin, Washington DC/Howard University, Black Girls Rock! Queens Camp for Leadership and Excellence, 2012 + Black Girls Rock! Imagine A Future Scholarship Recipient, 2014  BGR TESTIMONIAL #5 "I attended the Black Girls Rock: Queens Camp for Leadership and Excellence in 2012. Those two weeks were extremely powerful and enlightening. I had never experienced such openness and bonding among my peers. I came away from camp enlightened and empowered. To this very day, I consistently reflect on the time I spent at BLACK GIRLS ROCK! and how life-changing it was. Since then, I have been fortunate to embark on several other opportunities, such as Disney Dreamers Academy, which I learned about from some of my BGR! sisters. I was featured on Steve Harvey's television and radio shows and I received a college scholarship. This year I moved to South Africa on a study abroad scholarship, for my combined Junior and Senior years of high school. I have been here six months, and I love it!! I am even lucky enough to live near my BGR1 sister, Khosi, while here. I keep in touch with many of my other BGR sisters and mentors; they have a permanent place in my heart." -Niani Scott, BLACK GIRLS ROCK! Queens' Camp 2012   "BLACK GIRLS ROCK! Queens Camp is a program that greatly enriched my life! As a Black Girl who Rocks, it was truly an awesome experience to be surrounded by other girls from all over the world who had different interests, life experiences and goals. It was both insightful and reassuring to meet and bond with girls going through similar challenges that we are all faced with daily. I will always be grateful for my experience and have recommended it to other girls!" Kennedy-Rue McCullough, Los Angeles, CA, BLACK GIRLS ROCK! Queens Camp 2012   "For two weeks I was submerged into an atmosphere of respect, sisterhood, dynamic dialogue, and culture. There I met inspring women of color and I felt the strong-lasting arms of sisterhood, and I am a greater young woman because it. Every dream I had became a goal and every goal- conceivable by me, a black girl. Which was so contrary to the limits I had unconsciously set for myself under the influence of popular advertisement, music and television. BLACK GIRLS ROCK! provided an enriching experience and showed me that the world had always been in my reach." Travia Gallon, Tallahassee, FL, BLACK GIRLS ROCK! Queens Camp 2012, 2013, and 2014